How Do You Add Your Florida Business to Our Free Business Directory?

Adding your business to the Sunshine Guide couldn’t be easier. Listings are open to businesses located in the state of Florida with an active website. Each free business listing is featured in one category, and one city. This listing includes a detailed description of your business, full contact information, a link to your website, listing photos, hours of operation, and a Google Map. Featured Listings have all the same features but appear before free listings, and are styled differently to stand out!

While our Florida business listings are completely free, we do have a few rules

  • Your business must be located in Florida.
  • You must provide a full mailing address for your business listing. We use this to provide a map for your listing and to verify your location.
  • Your website must make it clear that you’re located in Florida. We’re not picky, even a phone number with a local area code will do. We just need to make sure you’re actually located in Florida.

If you do not provide the above information, or if your business location cannot be verified from your website, your listing will not be accepted. We’re awfully sorry about that, but this directory is for Florida-based businesses, only.

To add your business to our Florida business directory, simply click on one of the buttons below. If you have any problems, can’t find the right category, or your city isn’t listed, just let us know. We’ll be happy to help.