Gillz Gear

Gillz Gear sells high quality, high performance fishing gear for fishers, anglers and boaters. If you are on the water often, you should be wearing Gillz Gear. Our shirts and gear are your favorite fishing hoodie, or lucky fishing hat.

Gillz Gear is 100% homegrown for every professional angler to fishing enthusiast. We represent a passion for staying on the water from sun up to sun down; and we prefer the experience free of fighting the sun or the bugs. It all originated with drowning some chicken scratch on the back of a napkin. We continue to grow with a simple endeavor for making gear that fits well and breathes like a fish.

Fishing jerseys for men don’t get any better than this. High performance for fishing, diving and marine life. Keep cool with fishing gear that works. CoolCore ™ technology keeps you cool, the breathable fabric keeps you ventilated.

When you do wash it, our stain release will keep the blood or other stains from sticking. It may be looking grey and cold out, but with this on your side, the weather just got down right pleasant.

At Gillz Gear, we sell the following fishing apparel:
– Fishing Shirts
– Fishing Hats
– Fishing Hoodies
– Fishing Masks
– Fishing Fleeces

Gillz Gear is an online retailer, providing gear for dealers and directly to customers online. We take the overhead out of the equation, saving our customers. Choose Gillz for your next fishing trip.

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