Benchmark Commercial Cleaning Services Gainesville Fl

Benchmark Commercial Cleaning Services Gainesville Fl

Why Choose Benchmark

It is simple – we provide Measurable Cleaning. Guaranteed Results™.  BENCHMARK focuses exclusively on clients that require quality-cleaning services, and we have built our client base and reputation on that premise.  BENCHMARK’s operating systems, branded processes and outstanding client service have formed the foundation for delivering exceptional cleaning services.



We are so confident of our services that we actually guarantee your satisfaction with us.   BENCHMARK guarantees to respond to and promptly resolve any specific service issues within one business day.  If for any reason, BENCHMARK should fail to meet either of these obligations, you are entitled to a complimentary cleaning service call. This is a key differentiator between BENCHMARK and other suppliers.




A consistently clean facility should be viewed as an investment, as it provides a real dollar return by not only projecting an image of professionalism and quality to customers but also creating a safe, healthy working environment for your employees.  In addition, BENCHMARK increases your return on investment by providing the following:


·         A well-trained and experienced cleaning crew that you know and trust because they are bonded

·         A comprehensive cleaning schedule designed specifically for your facility

·         The expertise and ability to provide additional services when needed

·         Proactive communication and a ready response any time the need arises

·         Quality assurance processes that consider your point of view

·         Top-of-the-line cleaning equipment that removes dust and dirt, rather than redistributing it

·         “Green” cleaning chemicals that promote improved air quality

·         Hospital-grade disinfectants that kill bacteria and germs

·         Material safety data sheets

·         Monitoring supplies and informing you when they are low, or restocking them if that is your

·         preference

·         The ability to disinfect your entire facility to prevent a bacterial or viral outbreak

·         A partner who helps you manage your facility


Branded Process
If you ask 100 people to define the word “clean”, you will likely get 100 different answers.  However, at

BENCHMARK, you will only get one answer:

“It’s Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm It’s Clean.”


Here is how BENCHMARK takes the guess-work out of what clean really means:


Benchmark Signature Clean – Defines Quality

Signature Clean describes our quality commitment and our quality processes.    To achieve Benchmark Signature Clean results, our owner-operators receive the most rigorous training in the industry – a five week program to prepare themselves to become career cleaning professionals who are:

·         Financially vested in the satisfaction of each and every client

·         Well-versed in the latest and most effective cleaning technologies

·         Attuned to the importance of even the smallest details


As a result of our Benchmark Signature Clean program, you can expect consistent and reliable service from a cleaning team that will:

·         Wear a photo ID badge

·         Wear a professional BENCHMARK uniform

·         Have completed the Benchmark Signature Clean certification program

·         Understand and comply with OSHA

·         Know the importance of dwell time when disinfecting

·         Know how to maintain bacteria-free high touch surfaces

·         Know how to thoroughly dust offices without disrupting desktops

·         Know thorough carpet cleaning techniques

·         Know which treatments to use on hard floor surfaces

·         Know how to work safely in public areas

·         Know how to work cleaner….and greener

·         Know how to look for ways to add value for their clients


Benchmark Tracker – Measures Quality

Benchmark Tracker represents our “hands on” practice of routinely checking our work and benchmarking our results.  This branded process is one of the reasons we consistently earn high satisfaction ratings from our clients.   Many cleaning companies promise this, but unfortunately, few deliver it with sufficient regularity or depth of measurement.  At BENCHMARK, our approach is much more demanding.  Here is how it works:


·         When you sign up with BENCHMARK, Benchmark Tracker begins with a first impressions survey.  We check every aspect of your cleaning requirements, and determine what and where to focus our attention and expertise.

·         After an agreed initial period, usually 30 days, a BENCHMARK Operations Specialist physically inspects your property and measures our lasting impressions. This process uses a 50-point checklist, so nothing is left to chance.

·         Any adjustments to service are made, and the inspections continue on a regular schedule.

·         Regular client service calls are made to ensure your complete satisfaction with the quality of service you receive with BENCHMARK.

·         Your monthly rating from our Communications Log Book, on a scale of 1-10.


Benchmark Technics – Delivers Quality

Benchmark Technics provides the science behind our services.   We take our definition of quality commercial cleaning, overlay our measurement of it, and then make sure we deliver it using the most advanced products and equipment available, including:


·     Microfiber cloths designed to trap dirt and hold it in a positively charged state for more effective cleaning; these cloths are also color-coded to eliminate cross-contamination

·         Backpack vacuums with four filters and ratings that exceed HEPA standards for clean air

·         Cleaning chemicals that cover a greater area while using less product – our “cleaning greener” initiative

·         Hospital strength disinfectants for broad spectrum coverage


Microfiber Technology

BENCHMARK has replaced conventional cleaning cloths with an anti-microbial impregnated micro-fiber system, which cleans greener and dryer while removing more dust contaminants.   BENCHMARK uses a four-color coded microfiber system, which virtually eliminates cross-contamination. A highlight of this approach is that the red microfiber cloths are only used for disinfecting restrooms, which reduces the spread of germs and harmful bacteria to other areas of your property.  Our microfiber mops also work efficiently to clean and disinfect floor surfaces with fewer chemicals and faster results.

·         Microfiber is 1/16 the size of a human hair and holds eight times its weight in water.

·     The tiny fibers penetrate the microscopic pores of surfaces increasing cleaning quality and saving time in the process.

·        Microfiber is positively charged and literally removes 100% of all dust particles.


Environmentally Safe Chemicals

BENCHMARK takes pride in working within the spirit and the framework set forth by many federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, and OSHA to name a few.  We provide Green Seal® certified products and disinfectants that are effective against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus   aureus   (MRSA),   vancomycin resistant   Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) and Influenza A (H1N1).

Nightly Cleaning Schedules
Your Cleaning Schedule – Working for You!

BENCHMARK combines our vigorous cleaning and tracking procedures with a cleaning schedule customized for your specific needs. The following schedule has been specifically designed for Shaw-Lundquist Associates Inc.



Services will be performed after business hours on your selected cleaning days.





·          Surface dust horizontal surfaces of desks, credenzas, tables, filing cabinets etc.

·          Spot clean horizontal surfaces for removal of spillage, marks, and rings.

·         Empty all trash and recycling receptacles and remove to a collection point. Replace liners as necessary.

·          Clean fingerprints and smudges from entrance glass and entry doors.

·          Spot clean fingerprints and smudges from partition glass.

·          Sweep and spot mop all hard surface floors.

·         Vacuum all carpeted area walkways.

·         Report all maintenance issues in Log Book.


Weekly Cleaning Schedules
Your Cleaning Schedule – Working for You!



·         Thoroughly dust all horizontal surfaces of office furniture, including desks, cubicles computer monitors, tables, file cabinets, windowsills, and wall hangings.

·         Wipe clean all telephone receivers and dust the bases.



Monthly Cleaning Schedules
Your Cleaning Schedule – Working for You!



·          Thoroughly dust all vertical surfaces of office furniture, including desks, cubicles, tables, chairs, file cabinets, etc.

·          High dusting of air vents, tops of doors, door frames, ceiling corners, and edges etc.

·          Dust all baseboards & window blinds

·          Vacuum upholstered furniture to remove dust and lint.

·          Clean spots/smudges from walls.

·         Clean refrigerator and microwave. All perishable items will be removed from refrigerator prior to cleaning.



Six (6) Month Cleaning Schedules
Your Cleaning Schedule – Working for You!



·         Top scrub all possible hard surface floors



Additional Services

·       Spot Removal

·       Hot water extraction


Hard Surface Floors

·       Burnishing

·       Top scrub and refinish (wax)

·       Strip and refinish (wax)



·       Inside and outside (ground floor only)


Upholstery & Workstations

·       Vacuum partitions

·       Spot removal

·       Extraction Cleaning




Additional Services continued…

·       Cleaning Lights

·       Replacing bulbs



·       Interior of refrigerators, dishwashers, and appliances other than microwaves

·       Interiors of cabinets


Procurement of Supplies

·       Paper products

·       Hand soap

·       Trash can liners

·       Dispensers and containers

·       Other consumable supplies


*** Upon request, and for an additional charge, Benchmark will procure such supplies on client’s behalf.  Once delivered, Client assumes responsibility for inventories of such supplies stored at the Client’s location.